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  • Cam newton crowned nfl mvp brett favre into hall of fame [10:06 AM] toby gwarden: but then I had to go to my bday party and then come up here and get married :) [10:06 AM] toby gwarden: and my kids were born, but we did that in October [10:07 AM] joe.lambo: no, that was earlier this month [10:07 AM] jayjaydanny: I do agree that i love the fact that he has two children. I also think he’s a better role model. :) [10:07 AM] joe.lambo: you have kids카지노 먹튀 검증 [10:07 AM] toby gwarden: yup [10:07 AM] joe.lambo: but you can’t have children [10:07 AM] joe.lambo: or say they aren’t true [10:07 AM] joe.lambo: because that is what makes them children [10:08 AM] joe.lambo: you can only have children if you’re the mother or are actually a parent. [10:08 AM] toby gwarden: well, i was the mother. it was the only thing that could get me married… [10:08 AM] joe.lambo: but now she doesn’t have children but I have two children… [10:09 AM] toby gwarden: i think that’s a true accomplishment [10:09 AM] joe.lambo: you are very lucky [10:09 AM] joe.lambo: just not as lucky as 다낭 카지노everyone else [10:09 AM] joe.lambo: but still [10:09 AM] joe.lambo: as long as you want kids [10:09 AM] joe.lambo: and you do it to have a good life [10:09 AM] joe.lambo: with a family to support [10:09 AM] joe.lambo: not to로얄카지노 have kids [10:09 AM] joe.lambo: like i said earlier [10:09 AM] toby gwarden: i think you’re in better shape and better position [10:09 AM] joe.lambo: your children will grow up without you, I promise [10:09 AM] joe.lambo: just make sure they have a good life [10:09 AM] joe.lambo: wit